We offer a full floor sanding and restoration service for solid wood, engineered flooring and parque flooring.


We offer a full wooden floor sanding service for solid wood, engineered flooring and parquet wood flooring. Using different grade sandpapers and floor sanders we fix and fill your floorboards ready for a natural finish or stain with a finish and colour of your choice.

As we are decorators too, we can incorporate your decorating in with your floors having everything done at the same time, minimising disruption. We use top quality Bona products.


The restoration process takes on a few different levels and whilst taking up the boards we can sound proof them if this is something you require.

First we need to check all the floor boards, we need to check all the nails and replace squeaky boards also check for anything that may rip the sanding pads.

We then use different grade sanding papers to strip the floor and get a smooth finish.

St Albans Wooden Floor Restoration stage 1
Wooden floor sanding st albans

The next process is to fill and clean the boards this is done a few times over.

We then sand again with hand sanders and by hand, and again clean.

St Albans wooden floor sanding
St Albans wooden floor restoration

The next process is to apply a few coats of Bona products for a durable and beautiful finish.

Wooden floor sanding

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